At Boom Shankar, we are very proud to be partnered with factories in India who are doing what they can to help their communities in this time of need. 
Last week, we shared how one of factories is helping their community by doing medical checks and donating an ambulance to their village (you can read more here). 
This week, we're chatting through how our other factory is providing food to those who aren't as fortunate during COVID-19 due to food and supply shortages, lockdowns and financial reasons. We are extremely grateful for them to take time out of their busy schedule to answer some questions for us. Enjoy x
How did you start your business?
We were in carpet exports business, our family business was growing so we started to expand our exports field into garments. 
How has your business supported the community in the past?
We are lucky enough to be able to employ many people directly and indirectly. We also support our community through charities, health camps, blood donation, supporting children who's family are in jail. 
Are you able to explain what has been going on in your community in the last month?
We are all under lockdown which makes it difficult for people to source food and make an income. Due to this we have been giving free food away to around 800 people daily. 
How is your business supporting the community now?
We are giving them free food and masks. We are also donating to relief funds and giving free fabric to those who need it. 
With all this tragedy going on, how have you seen your community come together to support one another?
We are all uniting and coming forward to support in the best possible manner. 
How have you been supporting your staff during this time?
We are giving them food to eat as well as loans to help them through this time as our factory is currently closed. 
What do you love most about your job?
Working day and night to support people and enjoy life.