India. The country that has touched so many souls with its rawness, colour and vibrancy, and right now needs our collective help. While many in Australia have been affected by COVID 19, countries like India, who have little government assistance and already humanitarian problems, is really feeling the effects of the pandemic, and it’s now in its second wave.

India is Dui’s second home. It holds a special place in her heart, and with friends and extended family over there who are directly suffering from the pandemic and lockdowns, Boom Shankar wants to help out… and we’d love if YOU could too.

“India. The magic happened from the moment my feet touched the ground in India for the first time. My soul sparkled and my heart seriously went BOOM!,” says Dui. “I had an immediate sense of connection – and was blown away by fabulous buzz in the streets, the incredible diversity and bursts of colour in every direction. The beautiful sari wrapped women in vibrant silks, the men wearing bright coloured turbans, the street vendors with delicious local treats to savour, and the fields of marigolds bursting with sunshine." ~ Dui

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the shape of a disaster for the poor. The lockdown has left daily wage labourers unemployed and rendered homeless.

The poor are in need of ration and also hygiene kits to keep themselves secure during the lockdown. To protect the downtrodden from the adverse effects of Coronavirus, GiveIndia has set up fundraising initiatives to secure the lives of millions in these troubled times.

GiveIndia launched two missions, Mission India Against Coronavirus and Mission Support COVID-19 hit families to support the underprivileged and vulnerable communities cope with the virus.

The first mission aims at providing hygiene kits and basic provisions to poor families, abandoned elderlies, cancer patients etc. The second mission is to support the daily wage earners who have been stranded without a job and rendered homeless- with cash and ration support to feed their families and take care of other essentials like rent.

After Give India’s initial campaign a year ago, they have provided:

Over 5.6 million Indians have been supported by Give India so far

Over 4 million meals have been served

Over 1.5 million COVID warriors have been supported

Over 800,000 ration and sanitation kits have been distributed

Boom Shankar is asking for your kindness and generosity to help us to change the lives of so many misfortunate Indians during these unknown and challenging times.  
“We work mainly with nomadic communities, and the COVID19 pandemic was a very big blow to marginal communities like the ones we work with. As we struggled early on to get into the relief mode, GiveIndia came to our aid immediately. We ran a fundraiser on GiveIndia and we helped 4,000 families with food relief. We also got a grant from GiveIndia for the daily wage workers who lost their income and that cash grant really really helped the communities that we worked with. liquidity was really hard and many parents with children wanted that money to sustain their income so they could feed their families.”

~ Revathy Radhakrishnan, Founder of Vanavil Trust