We love hearing about people who have been going out of their way during COVID-19 to help out communities and people are less fortunate than they are. One group who has particularly been doing amazing things is one of Boom Shankar's very own factories in India. 

They were kind enough to answer some questions for us during their busy schedules. We hope you enjoy and are inspired to help others ❤️

How did you start your business?

Our business started in 1996. We come from a farming family in rural India. Never in our life we would have thought that we would enter in the garments manufacturing business. No one in our family had ever done anything like this before. We arrive in a town in Rajasthan 120 kilometres from our village employed 1 tailor & started our little business making wallets and clothes. It grow from there. Now we employ 220 people.

How has your business supported the community in the past?

We have supported people from small villages & taught them different trades. We have donated many trees to a few of the village & tried to educate them about the importance of the trees & environment. In our family village we put health camps & organise doctors once a year with free medical to approximately 500 people also paying for any medical needed. We also bought an Ambulance for the village. Every winter we supply 250 to 300 blankets to the homeless people around our district area.
Are you able to explain what has been going on in your community in the last month?

Since covid-19 our businesses all over India shut down on 22nd March. All work has been stopped so do daily wages people which means we start getting problems for food.

How is your business supporting the community now? How are you personally helping the community?

We have continued to support our community by supping food to around 250 families & our staff.

With all this tragedy going on, how have you seen your community come together to support one another?

It has been incredible watching all our community around us come together & helping those who are less fortunate by giving food. Many people are volunteer. They barricade all of the roads around the village so out sider people can not come in our village. Volunteers go to peoples houses if who live alone so they don’t lonely.
How have you been supporting your staff during this time?

We have continued to pay their wages and supply all their food needs. We give mask to them and their families.

How are you finding positivity during this time?

I have been spending lots of time with Dui on her farm as we are near neighbours. Together we have been feeding lots of animal including cows, streets dogs & monkeys 🐒.

We have tried exercise, yoga, but there has been loads of cooking yummy foods. We need to get back into exercise now. One things that has been great is we have been talking a lot about the positive impact covid-19 has created on the environment. Hope we can move forward with a positive change.

What do you love most about your job?

I love working together with artisans in creative wooden block printing. It’s been a wonderful experience learning new things every day.