This summer we launch our new collection Island Life and we’re using this opportunity to celebrate some incredible friends and colleagues within our Boom community, of diverse ages, genders and cultural backgrounds, with a special focus on Pacific Island cultures within Australia.

Continuing the Boom Shankar’s philosophy of cross-cultural co-operation and inspiration, we’re harnessing the power of social media to shine a spotlight on the valuable contribution Pacific Islander culture makes to life in Australia by featuring a range of talented artists, musicians, chefs, performers and journalists with Pacific Island heritage.

“Throughout the last 26 years of designing Boom and living between Australia and India (where the brand began), I've always been inspired by a great diversity of cultures across the world and the amazing stories and people you meet along the way."
"I feel like fashion has such huge potential to bring people together and make positive change in the world, so I wanted to use our social networks,  to connect communities and give people the chance to see the world through other’s eyes. Sometimes you can listen to a person's story, and their experiences and ideas can touch you in a way that changes your perspective, influencing how you live your life.  I want Boom Shankar to be a place where a wide diversity of stories are told – the clothes are really just a fantastic way to engage people.” ~ Dui

As our Summer collection rolls throughout the next few months, we'll be connecting the Boom community to a wide range of Pacific Islander creatives, foodies and spokespeople, with regular content of sharing stories, recipes, music, art, and more.  We will also be diving into the important cultural roles of Fa’afafine Samoans, people of non-binary gender, as Tommy Misa and Ella Ganza share their stories and art.

“My connection to Island culture is everything that is me, my name, my birthplace, my ancestors, my way in the world, the lens I look through, the lens in which I’m (often) judged by, my spirituality and connection to the sea.” ~ Ofa Fanaika

As well as celebrating Pacific Island creatives in Australia, we’ll also be taking the time to consider some of the more difficult areas of our shared histories, which offers us valuable opportunities for learning about ourselves and Pacific Island Nations and Australia's First Nations People.

“For me, a lot of Island culture is often about manners and family. It’s about connection and family and sharing. Even just the little things like, no matter how little you’ve got there is always room for someone else at the table. What’s mine is everyone’s essentially. There’s always room for someone else if they need to sleep, the house is always overflowing, but there’s always room for someone to stay.” ~ Josie Kurukulie

The Pacific Island inspiration for our Summer collection came from designer, Dui’s first meeting with model and muse, Demi McCallum, who has a diverse background, with a Scottish and Austrian mother and a Samoan father who was raised in New Zealand.  Enchanted by Demi’s sunny personality and her recent journey back to Samoa to connect with family, Dui started to design the collection with Demi in mind. You can read more about Demi’s story HERE.

The Pacific Island spirit shines through seven design capsules of the Island Life collection to be released over Summer, with our first drop "ISLAND TIME" launching TODAY!

The Palm Shirt in ‘Sand’ is set to be a summer favourite, with a relaxed fit, ¾ sleeves, detailed palm tree embroidery, multi-coloured buttons and fab front pockets in a natural cotton and flex fabric blend.

The ‘Jesamine’ print is inspired by Pacific island florals with a detailed stripe hem and ladder lace trims for an extra feminine, textured feel. It is available in the Sumatra Dress, Desi Top, Alana Dress, Desi Pant, Alma Skirt, Coco Dress, Coco Top, and Novi Pant.

The ‘Savai’ print is a rose gold lurex stripe weave that will have you shimmering under the summer sun in six key styles: Demi Dress, Raja Skirt, Sundar Top, Sundar Jumpsuit, Asha Pant and Samai Singlet.

The ‘Tatau’ print, inspired by traditional Samoan islander patterns, is a winner in the feather light cotton voile Luana ¾ sleeve shirt. Paired back with pieces in the Savai weave, you can’t go wrong for summer.

These pieces mix back with a range of Boom’s iconic traditional block prints in a swathe of ocean blue, slate and turquoise shades, including the dreamy Bluestone floral print, the vibrant burst of Birch Buds, and the tonal spot of the Evertide print.

Our Fave combo: Palm Shirt with the Jesamine Novi Pant or classic Gurus or unbuttoned as a cover-up over the Demi dress in Savai.


First photo; the Luana 3/4 sleeve shirt in the Samoan inspired 'Tatau' print - BUY NOW! - with the sparkly Asha Pants with 'Savai' gold lurex stripes - BUY NOW!

Second photo (above); the lovely flowing Alana Dress in the Jesamine print is perfect for summer with it's soft light rayon - BUY NOW!