Adding to our summer collection is this colourful block print juxtaposition. Lotus flowers blooming on jade and our simple but sunny, saffron-inspired reverse spot print.

Home Away From Home is India, and this collection would not be complete without the divine beauty of India’s national flower, the lotus.

To many, the lotus is a symbol of spirituality, purity, abundance, knowledge and beauty. But it is her resilience in face of  adversity by blooming high from the shallows of murky waters that makes this flowers presence so profound. In India the lotus flower is considered a most beautiful creation. Divine beauty.

Both Jade Lotus and Spice Spot fabrics have been designed by Dui and hand-crafted by our artisan family in Rajasthan. Their incredible craftsmanship is not only invaluable but create a raw beauty in our fabrics that we adore.

Jade Lotus is a beautiful impression of the divine beauty that the lotus flower symbolises to India. It is also a wonderful example of Dui’s more complex textile designs. Multiple wooden blocks have been hand-carved to create this colour combination. Each colour has been manually stamped by the steady hands of our artisans, one block colour at a time. Woodblock printing is an ancient tradition and cultural asset to the artisan communities in Rajasthan. We value their craft as much as they love to see their work come to life in our designs.

Both Jade Lotus and Spice Spot prints work surprisingly well together. Spice Spot is less complex intentionally. Like rain drops on a Lotus leaf, the hand-stamped reverse spot print can be mixed with everything in this collection.

As with Buddha, if the admiration of the lotus flower inspires happiness and smiles, we hope that our lotus design inspires an abundance of joy and happiness in time for the festive season.

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