Whether soul gazing into the deep blue Pacific Ocean at home in Australia or star gazing under the desert sky in India, sometimes it takes profound space to bridge together Duis heart and soul connections. That is how this delicate sprinkle of colour bombs has serendipitously found its way into the Home Away From Home collection. Like rainbow-coloured stars in the midnight sky, Dots is our constellation of the many heart-felt connections that the Boom journey has embraced along the way.

Its another beautifully hand-crafted yarn by Boom. With admirable craftsmanship so refined. Every single dot of cotton colour has been hand embroidered by our artisan team in Rajasthan. Thats a lot of dots manually stitched into place with great care and pride.

Dots is denim in colour but the fabric is a lightweight, loosely woven cotton, making this range a suitably cool style to wear during summer.

There is an infinite scape of hopes and dreams out there and a bright spark in all of us. This season we embrace individuality and the abundance of love found within. We celebrate our many colourful connectionsall unique, beautiful and profound, and, the vast richness of colour and life that is our Home Away from Home collection. For the many souls surviving on so little, we remain humble by your side.

Shine bright always.