Where it all began, our Street Market range threads everything of the adventurer, free spirits and culturally connected souls that follow the market lifestyle.

Market life does sound like freedom and fun but what comes foremost is dedication, hard work and craftsmanship. There is also an immediate sense of connection at a local level. For anyone who knows Dui personally, will know that this has been her greatest calling, and that is why Street Market is the staple in our Home Away from Home collection.

What makes our Street Market fabric so special is that it has been hand-woven by loom, by our artisan family in Rajasthan. This is an ancient skill that has been handed down over generations and the artisan communities of this region are renowned as some of the finest textile makers in the world. The hand loom is still a very significant asset to the Rajasthani people. This hand-woven technique is slow and labour intensive but every stripe woven into this fabric holds strong with cultural pride.

From Delhi and Goa, right back to little Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast, our Street Market range is a cultural spin of some of Duis colourful stories and friendships made along the way. This range is for the adventure-loving, free-spirit in all of us. Follow dreams and embrace talents. Create the life you love.

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