Yellow is a colour that I hear many people say they just can’t wear... “It doesn’t suit my skin”... “It washes me out”... “You need to have a good tan to be able to wear it”... Well, we disagree! Here at Boom we think anyone can wear yellow, and sometimes all it takes, is just a few little tweaks and additions, to make it work. 

“Yellow is my favourite colour and has been since about the age of two. I don’t care what anyone says but yellow is a happy colour and it makes me smile. It actually makes me smile when I see other people wearing yellow even. I hear a lot of the time, people can’t wear yellow, and I think that’s not true, everyone can wear yellow! All you have to do is play with it!” ~ Dui

Sweet blonde girl in a straw hat stands in the middle of a field of sunflowers

Yellow is the colour of happiness. It’s associated with laughter, sunshine, good times, joy, confidence and optimism  What’s more, psychologists have suggested that wearing yellow can actually boost your mood and the brightness of this colour can help unclog mental blocks, encouraging people to seek new perspectives by abandoning the dull ways of looking at the world, making it a positive attribute to your mental health. So why wouldn’t you want to wear it if that’s the outcome?

“My main tip when wearing yellow is to accessorise it with different colours. Wearing a great necklace will break up the yellow between your face and the garment, allowing the necklace colour to pop and be the real feature. I personally love wearing my chunky turquoise bead necklace with yellow as I just love that colour combo. Also wearing colourful bangles and/or hats will help seperate the yellow and your skin - if that’s what you feel doesn’t work” ~ Dui

Colour psychology dates back thousands of years to the Egyptians who studied the effect of colours on mood and used it to accomplish holistic benefits. The Egyptians believed the colour yellow purifies the body and helps the nerves. Renowned psychiatrist, Carl Jung, once said “colours are the mother tongue of the subconscious”. He encouraged his patients to use colour to access and express some of the deeper parts of their psyche. 

Yellow is a truly joyous and radiant colour! It exudes warmth, inspiration and vitality. It is the happiest of colours. Yellow signifies communication, enlightenment, sunlight and spirituality. If your treasured colour is yellow, you look forward to the future. Intellectual, highly imaginative and idealistic, you have cheerful spirit and an expectation of greater happiness.

Gorgeous older woman, Micky, wears Boom Shankar Jesamine Alana dress whilst sipping tea at a table

“Yellow reminds me of the break of day, the start of a new adventure, like a rebirth. That moment when you’re at the beach and the sunrises and you see the golden hue, straight away you know you’re going to have a great day. So when I wear yellow I feel light, happy and vibrant. Like a new me! Just like the sun is rising within me!” ~ Boom Babe, Shayne 

As it’s usually those with fairer skin that I hear saying they can’t wear yellow, I thought I’d get together with Shari, our gorgeous fair skinned blonde Hasting Street Boom babe, for a little play around in our latest 'Jesamine' floral dresses, tops and pants, from the latest summer ‘Island Time’ collection. Here you can see how a simple necklace, a little summer jacket, a head scarf and even a colourful bra/bandeau can take the focus off the yellow bright prints against the skin.

A beautiful blonde model wears 3 different outfits of the Boom Shankar Jesamine print from their Island Time summer collection

Left image (above): Shari wears the ‘Jesamine’ Sumatra dress with her own stunning chunky silver necklace. This dress is oh so cute! The asymmetric, floaty hemline and floral styles is beautiful for summer and the cross-over neckline adds femininity to the design. The ladder lace trims and button details are a lovely added touch, and gives that little Spanish flamenco touch ~ BUY NOW!

Middle image (above): Shari wears the ‘Jesamine’ Desi Top, with a nice wide elasticated band, low v-neckline, and a modern shape which adds something different and works well with all those high waisted pieces in your wardrobe - BUY NOW!  The Alma Skirt has an elasticated waist at the back for extra comfort, and the classic style and beautiful silhouette of this skirt is sure to suit many different body shapes, and falls beautifully on the body - BUY NOW! Shari has teamed them with the ‘Island Stone’ Rama Jacket and her own necklace, to break up the yellow. The Rama Jacket is 100% cotton making it super lightweight and a perfect summer and spring addition - BUY NOW!

Right image (above): Shari has mixed and matched the ‘Tatau’ Asha Singlet with the ‘Jesamine’ Novi Pants and her own turquoise necklace.  The stylish yet comfortable Novi pants will carry you right through the Summer into the cooler months. The soft drapey fabric makes them the perfect cover up and the elasticated waistband make them really easy to wear. We love the tassel tie on the waistband and stunning ladder lace trim detail that runs down the outside of each leg - BUY NOW! The Asha singlet is a simple and classic design, in a great lightweight cotton voile print, and a piece you’ll wear again and again - BUY NOW!

A gorgeous blonde model wears three different outfits from the Boom Shankar Island Time summer collection.

Left image (above): Shari wears one of our favourite pieces from the 'Island Life" collection, a great piece to add to your boho dresses at home. We are in love with the soft, sunny floral of the Jesamine print in this flowing, tiered Alana dress. This fabric has beautiful drape, and the adjustable straps and relaxed fit mean it is a really comfortable style to wear. The intricate border print on the neck-line and hem make the Alana dress a truly special piece for your Summer wardrobe - BUY NOW! Shari has added a splash of red with a head scarf and bra, just for a little different colour.  

Middle image (above): Shari has mixed and matched the ‘Savai’ Samai Singlet with the ultra cute ‘Jesamine’ Bitu Shorts. Made in 100% Rayon to give this style a beautiful flowing drape, the shorts have a flattering wide yoke waistband with elastic at the back making them so comfortable to wear. The ladder lace trim detail down each side seam is a really beautiful detail that you are sure to love - BUY NOW! The Samai singlet is a simple and classic design, and in the pretty lurex Savai fabric, it’s versatile for casual daytime or the evenings - BUY NOW!

Right image (above): Shari wears the cute ‘Jesamine’ Coco Dress with her own chunky vintage necklace. We love the tiered design and contrasting border print of the Coco dress, and it’s just so fun to wear. The straps are wide enough to cover your bra straps and they are adjustable straps with 3 different length options. It’s the perfect comfy floating Summer dress - BUY NOW!