When Dui first saw Maddy on Instagram she was instantly captivated by her smile and energy. Something about her immediately made Dui happy and she knew one day she’d have the perfect collection for Maddy to model.  So when our vintage themed 'Island Life' location shoot was created, Dui knew Maddy was the perfect addition alongside the gorgeous Glampervan 'Fern'.

We caught up with the beautiful Maddy, and Amanda from Vintage Glampervans to ask them a few questions...

Maddy, can you start off by telling our Boom community a little about yourself?

“I’m 22 years old and studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney. I love to surf, do yoga, be in nature, run, play guitar, and I’m one of those people who always likes to be doing something, so I have a lot of hobbies”

How long have you been modelling?

“I’ve been with Vivien’s for 4 years now and apparently when I was younger I was a big poser, so I guess it’s only natural I started modelling”

Have you got a favourite location where you love to model the most? 

“I love beach shoots the best as I just love the ocean so much... and surfing! There’s nothing better than having to “work” at a place that doesn't feel like work, like on the beach.

I heard that you’re a bit of an artist, have you a particular medium you prefer most?

“I love painting with oils. My favourite styles would have to be impressionism and expressionism, and usually using a lot of different colours and movement. I love colour!” 

What do you love most about living here on the Sunshine Coast?

“The nature and especially the ocean. I love being able to go for regular surfs, the openness of the people and how down to earth and laid back everyone is. 

What does it mean to you to live a big, beautiful life? 

"I feel like there’s so many things to say for that one! To me it is to be proud of who you are and nurture your creativity and passions, and also getting to spend time with wonderful people is something a wonderful life can’t be without"

"I think living a big beautiful life is making the most out of everything and living life to the fullest"


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Hi Amanda, can you please start off by telling our Boom community a little about yourself?

"Hi Boom Family! I’m Amanda from Vintage Glampervans and I have a great lust for travel and all things adventure. My favourite travel buddy is my little legend of a daughter called Sari, whom I adore, and we love going on adventures together. Roughly 3 years ago I decided to convert a school bus into a tiny home for my tiny human and I. I loved the whole process of creating a tiny home for us, and I was fortunate enough to be able to do it with my Dad which made it even more special.  My daughter and I travelled up and down the East Coast of Australia on and off for just over a year which was so incredible. Apart from seeing the most stunning places, the thing I loved the most about our trips away was the whole vibe of life shifts when you go camping. People young and old feel the change of pace and it’s not about being anywhere else except exactly where you are. It’s simple but powerful. This was the beginning of my passion to start my business - Vintage Glampervans."

What do you love most about living here on the Sunshine Coast?

"I grew up in Tasmania and came to the Sunshine Coast when I was 20. I fell in love instantly. The warmth (ahhh bliss) for a start and then the beautiful beaches, peaceful rivers and the rolling green gorgeousness of the hinterland at the doorstep too. Plus the laid back feel of the community is what enticed me to move here. I have done a lot travelling overseas and every time I come home I find more gratitude for the beauty of the Sunshine Coast."

You have a business hiring vintage caravans, what inspired you to start this business?

"The idea for Vintage Glampervans started to unfold about a year ago when I finished travelling around Australia with my daughter. I felt this was the type of environment and slow carefree holidaying everyone should get to experience. So when we returned home and were not using the bus as our main home anymore, I decided to hire ‘Gypsy May’ the bus out for others to enjoy. We had such great feedback from people that I ended up deciding to sell her so that I could purchase my first vintage caravans. Being a lover of all things vintage I combined my passions of vintage, camping, travel and awesome connections to create Vintage Glampervans. I wanted to offer a unique glamping experience for anyone and everyone to enjoy."

"It’s been an interesting and challenging year to start a business that’s for sure. But I’m so happy with where it is currently at. I currently have three Glampervans - Willow, Frankie  and Fern.   Willow and Frankie have just recently parked their cute selves at an amazing caravan park near Kenilworth called Kookaburra Park which is recently undergone some creative and fabulous changes by an amazing young couple to give it a whole new life and it’s just wonderful."

"Frankie and Willow sit up on their own in a very private part of the park overlooking the main dam and the ranges in the distance. You can relax and watch the deer graze in the sanctuary, toast marshmallows on your own fire pit and swing gently in your hammock whilst enjoying a book and a wine!  You also have your very own private undercover area (exclusively shared between the two glampervans) with tables and chairs, books and games and an awesome woodfired pizza oven to make your own special pizzas."

It makes for a very special getaway - you, friends/special someone, wine, fire, hammock, stars, moon,  stylish vintage van… need I say more!

Fern our other special lady (who is featured in the fabulous Boom Shankar photoshoot) is just getting some finishing touches and will be available for hire soon. Stay tuned cause we will have more lovely ladies coming soon… where will they be located you may ask.. I’m not 100% sure at this stage. Where would you like to see them located? I would love to hear from you…"

Are the caravans used just for accommodation, or can people hire them for events?

"The glampervans have been hired for all sorts of events including weddings and festivals and home birthday celebrations.  At this moment Frankie and Willow are out at Kookaburra Park for a limited time (until February 2021) So stay tuned to see where they will be featured after that."

Have you any funny stories or obscure locations you’ve had them at?

"We have been so lucky to see so many fantastic locations all over the Sunshine Coast when we delivered the Glampervans. ‘Gypsy May’ the bus has been to Woodford Folk Festival, Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Festival, and she was the honeymoon suite for a beautiful couple at their Wedding. We have delivered up great hills into very small hard to get to places, and had multiple people holding back tree branches and fences just to get the glampervans into that perfect location."

Where’s your favourite location to date?

"I love the space Habitat Noosa Eco Camp. You will see Fern featured in this beautiful location in the Boom Shankar videos. It’s right on Lake Cooroibah and just magical."

"But, we have to say our ultimate location is right where Frankie and Willow find themselves right now which is Kookaburra Park. We love being in the hinterland with access to the Mary River. There is even a ‘Jurassic Walk’ leaving from your doorstep and venturing up the hill for the most epic sunset view."

What does it mean to you to live a big, beautiful life? 

"A big beautiful life to me is filled with the ones I love, laughter, music, relaxing, getting out into nature and of course all of this is why I find myself camping, cause it ticks all of the boxes for me."

"I’m incredibly passionate about helping others to live a big beautiful life by providing them with a space that they can get away from the hustle and bustle of life, connect with nature, connect with each other, and let go of the fast paced life we live in. Creating a beautiful space for them to relax and slow down. I particularly love when people arrive and see their glampervans all set up, you can see them take a big deep breath and press the reset button. Glamping is the best medicine!"


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