We had the pleasure of chatting to beautiful mother of two, influencer and emergency nurse, Tahnee (what a lady!). 
Tahnee is an strong, gorgeous mum who has been working on the front line during what has been crazy but crucial time in her career. Tahnee was kind enough to answer some questions for us about where she found her style as an influencer, and what it's like working as an emergency nurse during COVID-19. Enjoy xx
Tahnee, you have two beautiful children and you have created the most stunning home environment around them. What is your design inspiration? How would you describe your style?
I always find it really difficult to describe my style! When we built our new home two years ago I wanted to bring a touch of vintage into a modern home and that’s why in most rooms I have incorporated rattan furniture and vintage trinkets. I also love nature and nature inspired items so I have a lot of natural timers in my furniture, plants all over the house and nature inspired artworks to tie it all together. It’s obvious by my Instagram feed that I also have a love of mustards and browns and rusts and so those colours definitely influence my style as well!
You are also a nurse, can you tell us a bit about your journey to becoming a nurse with a beautifully curated personal design universe?
I went straight to university after I finished school and always knew I wanted to be a nurse. I have always loved decorating and even as a teenager mum would find me pottering around in my bedroom decorating and moving furniture around. It really wasn’t until I moved into my first house and had Parker that my love of designing really ignited! That’s when I started my Instagram journey and it has just blossomed from there. I still work as a nurse and Instagram is still just a passion/hobby of mine.
You work in emergency, this must be such a challenging time to be working on the front line of health care. How are you doing and are you seeing some positive outcomes that give you hope?
Working in emergency is amazing and i absolutely love it. At the moment it has been very nerve wracking with so much uncertainty at times, but fortunately our town has been incredible with COVID and following restrictions and guidelines and our COVID numbers have dwindled almost to nothing now.
How are you and your family finding joy together during such an unusual time?
Well unfortunately I am still working and so we haven’t been in full isolation mode like some, but the days that we are together we have been going out walking around the bush land we live and it’s given us a chance to really slow down and get in touch with nature as well as get fresh air and We have loved spending more time playing with the kids without the chaos of sports and extracurricular activities getting in the way!
Do you have any advice for the Boom Shankar community?
The only advice I think that is ever necessary is to tell people to just be themselves and really take this time to slow down and appreciate what their life has to offer at the moment. So many people are going through hard times but I believe we can always find something to be grateful for, no matter what situation we are in. Always be grateful and always be kind ✌🏻
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