In between the vibrancy of colour and energetic vibes is a beautiful simplicity to calm the intensity.

With every Indian summer comes a lovely distraction of black and light shapes and shadow lines, as the sun casts its magic across bustling surrounds.

Shadowlines is our go-between girl. The calm to complement our wild bursts of summer colour. Loose in style and light to wear the beauty of these fine, black lines is their visual ambiguity to create movement that flows and contours like soft shadows dancing in the breeze.

The simplicity of each black line has been delicately hand-stamped by our artisan family in Rajasthan. Their incredible craftsmanship slowly and deliberately placed to create a raw beauty and uniqueness that we cherish. Woodblock printing is an ancient tradition and cultural asset to the artisan communities of Rajasthan. We embrace their talents as much as they love to see their handmade prints come to life in our designs.

The floral embroidery overlay is one of our favourite, signature embellishments stitched in as a shadow influence from textile traditions of Mexico and blends in so well with our big love Indian inspiration.

Shadowlines is the classic to combine with the craziness. And much like the fascinating diversity and colourful contradictions of India, everything from our Home Away From Home collection has been created to work together in a magical way.