It's the beloved phrase we grew up with in the 80's and continues to be used and loved. But this time we’ve decided to use it for another reason…

“The reason we’ve done this campaign is to raise awareness around animals, and not just in Australia but around the world. I thought Hello Possum was a great place to start as it’s such a great Aussie term that we’ve grown up with, and that we use to greet our friends and our loved ones.”
“I thought if we said something fun like Hello Possum that people would prick their ears up, and if they realised the contribution they were making when they bought the jumper, and the money being donated towards the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, that it would start a conversation and see what change it could do for the world we live in” - DUI

This winter at Boom Shankar we’re proud to introduce our Hello Possum campaign where we’ll be using the power of social media to shine a spotlight and spread awareness about the devastating truths effecting Australia’s native animals.

Throughout the month of May we’ll be talking to different individuals and organisations working towards saving our native wildlife and hearing about what we as individuals can do to assist. We’ll also be looking at native plants and the important role they play in Australian biodiversity.

Did you know more than 1,800 Australian species are currently facing extinction? In fact, Australia has the worst rate of mammal extinction in the world!

Since European settlement in 1788, more than 10% of mammal species have disappeared. Not to mention the recent 2019-2020 bushfires, which resulted in the loss of nearly 3 billion native animals. 

These appalling statistics are a real wake up call. We must seize this moment and do everything we can to save Australia's extraordinary biodiversity. So where do we begin? We believe starting the conversation surrounding these issues is an essential part of the healing process. 

Boom Shankar's Hello Possum jumper campaign encourages everyone to take a stand and actively commit to helping with the conservation of native wildlife. By wearing our jumper and representing these harrowing facts, we hope that "Hello Possum" can start a conversation, which raises awareness and funds to ensure the preservation of the Australian environment.  

We have partnered with Australia Wildlife Conservation (AWC), which is the largest not for profit owner and manager of land for conservation in Australia. When you buy our cosy HELLO POSSUM Jumper we’ll be donating $45 to AWC and your contribution will directly result in positive action for native wildlife.

“Australia is one of the most important nations on Earth for biodiversity. In fact, it is one of only 17 ‘megadiverse’ nations and is home to more species than any other developed country. Most of Australia’s wildlife is found nowhere else in the world, making its conservation even more important – 87% of our mammal species, 93% of reptiles, 94% of frogs and 45% of our bird species are found only in Australia.”

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy are responsible for the effective preservation of all native animal species across 6,500,000 hectares in Australia. This is achieved through several land and pest management projects, including the biggest network of feral cat and fox-free land on mainland Australia. Which has helped countless endangered species be successfully reintroduced to their former habitats. 

The scale of the organisations land management activities are unprecedented in Australia. AWC conduct the biggest non-government fire management program in the country in the Kimberley region of north-western Australia.

Through their network of large-scale wildlife sanctuaries in remote and iconic regions across Australia, they protect some of the nation’s most iconic and endangered wildlife including 72% of native mammal species, 88% of native bird species, 55% of reptile species and 54% of amphibian species.

“The Hello Possum campaign is a really important initiative organised by Boom Shankar. What I love about this campaign is that it represents the 1,800 mammals in Australia that are currently facing extinction. It’s about raising awareness of our native wildlife, which is a very important issue we need to start talking about and acting towards preserving.” - Breanna

So how can you get involved?

Firstly, you can buy one of our Hello Possum jumpers knowing $45 will be donated directly to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and their endless projects working across 6.5 million hectares to rescue and rejuvenate endangered wildlife in Australia.

You can share a photo of you in our Hello Possum jumper on your socials and tag @boomshankarclothing @australianwildlifeconservancy to start raising awareness for this amazing Australian charity and be part of the conversation #hellopossum

You can start a conversation with friends and strangers about Australian wildlife and some of the real issues facing us and what small steps we can all start taking towards making a change.

So what are you waiting for Possum?… JOIN US!!

“Together we can change the world and in business it’s incredible what we’ve been able to achieve with all that love. I don’t need to be a millionaire - although if I was one I would find no more joy than in giving a lot of it away - that would be a great thing!” - Dui.