Boom Shankar A/W ‘18, Cactus and Cowboys: Inspired from days gone by and yesteryear. Prairie vistas with golden hues of grass shimmering in the lowering sun. Autumn approaching and the harvest moon rising over a dusty orange horizon. Signs that the season is changing and cooler weather is near. 

The A/W 18 collection brings the feels of a changing season and down home country vibe with our classic splashes of colour and fun! Silhouettes that harken those days-gone-by. Featuring beautifully hand-crafted embroideries, sequins to shimmer in the cool winter sun, jacquard fabrics with hand block-prints showcasing a unique, yet peacefully tricky treatment, where no two garments are the same.

All such things that continue to define Boom Shankar style and make the A/W ‘18 collection one that won’t soon be forgotten. 

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Big Love Big Life!

Dui x