Dui and her mother

"Thank you so much mum for encouraging me to be true to myself, even when that meant I that I became a person quite different to you. From my rainbow socks and tutus as a two year old, to my intrepid adventures across India. Thank you for loving me as I am and supporting me as I reached for my passions. Thank you for being such an amazingly giving person. Your love knows no bounds and you have always played such a role in looking after anyone who needs some love and care- you are such a loving and generous soul and I love you so much for this. "

Dui and mother

"Thank you! Sending you so much love this Mother's Day!!!"



 Well…let me briefly tell you a little story!  I was adopted as a baby to Anne (Mum – see photo1), and she passed away far too young in 1993……but I also have another mum, my birth mum, Veronica, whom I know really well and have done so since I was 22!  (Photo 2 is of Veronica, her mother (my grandmother) and yours truly!)  I had just finished saying “Don’t you dare take a photo of me!”, hence the “dry” expression!

So I got the best of all worlds: two loving mums!!

 Nicholas and his mothers

Mum 1: "Anne – Thank you for loving us kiddies the way you did….we never doubted, and we grew up feeling warm and secure. You taught us how to laugh, and have a bit of fun.  Your gifts are priceless.  So thank you and a great big ether hug for Mother’s Day."

Mum 2: "Veronica – Wow!  What a journey…thank you for so much love, inspiration and encouragement.  You taught me how to fly!   I didn’t even know I had wings, let alone wings that needed mending; and you knew how to sew and weave such beauty.  Love to you!"


Lauren and her mum

 "I love everything about my Mum! I love her food and I love how caring and compassionate she is. Happy Mother’s Day Mum xxx"



Jane with her Mother

“ Thank you mum for always being my number one fan and cheer leader. Thank you for all the love, hugs, and laughter.  Thank you for the most dedicated 24-hour crisis line, the caring shoulder to cry on, the warmest hugs and the best ever advice. Thank you for your patience, wisdom and zest for life – you inspire me to grow with your love"


Here are two pics of my beautiful Mumma (Trisha) & I. The 1st is when I was about 4 mths old and the 2nd is one of the last photos ever taken of us together (on our first trip to Bali), as she sadly passed away from cancer 3 months later. I was only 26 at the time. Every Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me because I still miss her every single day, however, I am extremely blessed to be the Mother of an extraordinary daughter (also 26yrs old), which I have always felt Mum had a bit of a sneaky hand in from above!  Alli with her mother

"My Mum (Trisha) showed me how the power of love, understanding and patience conquers all of life’s difficulties. She was the Mother of 3 red-heads after all!😂 I remember she once said to me, “You’ll be a great Mother one day” and when I asked how she knew that, she replied “well…because I am (giggling) and so is my Mum - you come from a long line of great women!” Mum was so funny, wise and loved by everyone and I feel very blessed that I at least got to spend 26 wonderful years with her. Happy Mother’s Day Mum – you are forever in my heartXXX"


Georgie and her mum

"Throughout my entire life, my mum has always been an inspiration and example of what it takes to be a strong, loving and patient women with a huge love for life. She is the most caring and generous person I know. I will forever be grateful for all the love she has given me."