One of the things I love most about my job at Boom Shankar is the amazing people I get to meet and work with along the way. Most recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Mick, long time Boom fan and Aunty of our very own designer, Jane!

Mick was kind enough to invite us into her unbelievably stunning home where we photographer herself along with Boom babes (whom you've met before), Jill and Jan. 

A big thanks to Mick for allowing us into her home and for answering some questions for our blog. We hope you love it as much as we did!

Enjoy xx


Mick we’d love to know, how did you first discover the Boom Shankar brand?

There was a big store of Boom Shankar at the Eumundi Markets. I always loved looking through their bright soft cotton fabrics and the way they’re put together. It’s been interesting to watch from season to season as they don’t follow other fashions but seem to come up with their own style.  I like that. 


Can you tell us a little about yourself and what brings you joy?

I think I’m like many people of my age who live here.  

What brings me most joy? That’s easy….. my husband, my family , especially my grandchildren, my friends and the beach. That’s my Big Love and my Big Life!                                                                                  


What do you love most about living here on the Sunshine Coast?

We are so privileged to live in this wonderful place that is relatively unspoiled. We love our National Park and beaches and we have to look after them. It’s all so fragile.

And of course we are lucky enough to have some of our family close by too.


I’ve been told that your beautiful house was designed by the famous Architect Lindsay Clare. What is it about Clare’s Design that you love so much?

Our place is casual and relaxed and brings the outside in.  We think of our home as a beach house and It works well for us.

I felt as though I had a private showing in an art gallery when in your home, your art selection is amazing! What inspires your taste in art?

All our bits and pieces are meaningful to us ….Usually when we travel we buy something we like that reminds us of the journey.  We especially loved our time in Arnhem land and Uluru so we have a few little memories in our home.   And then some of our art is by people we know.

I’ve heard there’s a particular day of the week that sounds rather interesting, Wacky Wednesday. Can you tell us a bit more about that? 

Yes that’s the day we really love when we look after our grandchildren.  Nothing takes the place of Wacky Wednesday.  We do heaps of ‘kid’ stuff, dress ups, craft, singing and cooking and playing in the garden.  It’s fun.


Your incredibly talented Niece, Jane, has recently moved to the Sunshine Coast to become Boom Shankar’s newest fashion designer. It must be lovely for your family having her close to home?

Yes Jane is a pretty special person. Having watched her career develop overseas, in Italy and Melbourne, it is great to have her back up here and home again. She’s such a happy person to have around.


And finally, what is your favourite Boom piece? 

That’s another easy one!   I love the guru pants because they’re so comfortable with the soft waist band and they are a little bit different too ......but then I think I have a few favourites!

Our three loveable Boom babes, Jill, Jan and Mick, all enjoying cake and tea together in Micks home.