Welcome to KINDNESS, the Boom Shankar autumn/winter fashion collection inspired by that simple thing that makes the world smile. From those random acts we observe, to the people around us and their actions that can change a strangers day. And most importantly, the thing that bring us together as one big community, of kindness and love.

Throughout the next few months of KINDNESS, I’ll be chatting with people in the BOOM community and introducing you to some amazing individuals, charities, and businesses that spread kindness in all different ways.

I hope you enjoy meeting new people as much as I do! 

First off... I thought it would be best to introduce you to one of our faces of KINDNESS, the amazingly talented dancer and ridiculously stunning beauty, Sophia Laryea. Working with Sophia is always a joy. As she dances around in front of the camera, she makes our fabrics move and brings the garments to life with joy, which is what Boom Shankar is all about. 

I chatted with Sophia about her love of dance, modelling and kindness….

Firstly, can you please tell the Boom community a little about yourself?

Hey Guys, I’m Sophia, I’m Ghanaian and 6th generation Australian. I dance, model and I'm currently studying acting. I love nature and surfing, even though I’m an absolute beginner. I’ll get barrelled one day!

How long have you been modelling and what inspired you to pursue a career in it?

I’ve been modelling professionally and consistently for the last four years, and I honestly only started because it was a nice way to earn some cash while I kept training as a dancer.

Was there a particular model that inspired you, or even inspires you the most now? 

I’m super inspired by Adwoa Aboah, partly because she is mixed raced Ghanaian like myself and secondly I think the way she uses her platform to direct her audience away from the superficial to the more emotional side of things is refreshing. Following her journey it looks like she’s had a bit of a tough ride, but she’s still so graceful.    

Do you have a favourite photographer you really admire the work of? And what is it about their work do you love?

I don’t have a favourite, but I went to David Goldblatt’s exhibition at MoMa in 2019 and found it emotional. Photographers who hold up a mirror and reflect society back to the public, I find quite special.    

Is there a fashion designer (other than Boom Shankar of course 😉 ) that you would love to work with one day, or maybe already have?

I probably should have an answer to this and thought about going online just now and trying to find a favourite, but honestly there’s no one. My green cord pants from Boom though are truly my favourite piece of clothing I own though, haha.

I know you are also a dancer (which I LOVE the way you move in our shoots) when did you first start dancing, and what style did you start with? 

Dancing all throughout my childhood was definitely a thing, haha, but training at a studio started in year 7 with Ballet.

Is there any standout moments in your dance career to date? 

The Lion King is definitely my favourite job to this date. It was a long couple of years dancing every day, but I met and travelled with so many humans and cultures from all over the world, so that was very special.

Who would you love to work with one day (no matter how big your dream) in your dancing career?

It’s always Beyonce or Rhianna. I feel like that’s a childhood dream but my adult self would love to work with Michaela Coel, she is my definition of brilliance.  

Our winter collection is called ‘Kindness’… 

How do you define kindness, or what’s your interpretation of kindness?

Kindness to me is holding space for someone and being present with those around you. Quality time is my love language and life gets very busy with so much technology interrupting everyday life. So presence to me is Kindness.  

Is there a particular moment in kindness in your life - given, received or even observed - that stands out to you?

I want to say something not so generic, but its always family and friends holding space for you when you're feeling down and in the dumps. Also the barista who remembers your coffee order, so kind, so thoughtful.

What does it mean to live a big, beautiful life?

Doing what I love, having the freedom to be creative in and out of my career is honestly priceless. I feel like I’m living my truth always.

You can follow Sophia on Instagram

When we were thinking of the perfect location, that was close to home (as there was no travel happening at that time), and that could transport us to another world, capturing the feeling of the designs and patterns of KINDNESS, it was an instant love at first sight when we found The Paladar. A unique, cute and colourful building, set amongst the tall urban scape that surrounds it, The Paladar is not just a coffee shop… I caught up with the owners to find out a little more…

Firstly, you can tell the Boom community a little about yourself? 

We’re a couple of best mates with a very similar eye for anything vintage. We’re both from NSW and have been living and working in West End, Brisbane, for years. Beau loves vintage cars and history books. Chelsea likes drawing rats and fantasising about owning two pet rats. We both love a good laugh.

What made you start a business together? 

We’ve been mates for a long time and worked together in the past, so we started thinking of opening a shop after working a coffee stall at Woodford together, and realising we could handle a busy operation by ourselves. We were lucky enough to chase down a lease in a suburb that we love.   

The Paladar is a super cute little building that stands out amongst its urban surroundings. Do you know the history of the building? 

Yeah it’s actually got a really rich history! It was built as a pre-war bomb shelter in 1930s - attached to the beautiful Art Deco Merivale building beside it. 

It has a history of being a family run business since the 90’s. Paladar means “owner/family operated”.  

I noticed there’s vinyls, books and heaps of other great treasures to be found inside. What other wonderful things do you do at The Paladar?

We sell books and vinyl as well as having a bi-monthly flea market with vintage treasures, clothes and collectibles. Sometimes when the suns out Beau likes to have a sausage sizzle out the front for a local charity. 

Do you sell cigars?


Can people hire out the whole venue for functions?

Yes! Our space is cozy, however we can provide an intimate experience on Fish Lane for small groups. We’ve had some lovely birthday and engagement parties. We have a book launch coming up shortly.  

I remember in the mid 2000’s when they’d have jazz musicians jamming on the rooftop, and we’d be spilled up the stairs filling up any space available, it was so fun! Do musicians still come and play here?

They were cool times! A couple of those guys are mates with Beau and spun out to find out we had taken it over The Cat Empire made a film clip here back in the day, and a couple of our mates jam up there, but nothing to crazy at the moment. Moving forward we’d love to have some live acts on the roof top. 

Our winter collection is called ‘Kindness’…

How do you define kindness, or what’s your interpretation of kindness?

Kindness is seeking happiness by helping others - and including everyone. 

You can find out more about The Paladar and all their fun happenings on Facebook & Instagram - and don't forget to pop in, have a coffee and say hi! 


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** With the purchase of our Kindness Tee we are donating $5 to Australian Charity, Forget Me Not. To find out more about the wonderful work Forget Me Not does in Nepal, Uganda and India rescuing trafficked children from the orphanage trade and reuniting them with their families, check out our Philanthropy page