We are feeling SO lucky at Boom for having the opportunity to collaborate with the exceedingly talented songstress Laik for our Somewhere Over The Rainbow collection. We are so excited about the launch today of Laik's new single "Rosedrops"!!! This amazing track is the soundtrack to our latest Boom film and so perfectly reflects the bright and groovy soul of the collection's technicolour dream of embroidery, corduroy and bold pops of boysenberry.  Here we bring to you for the first time, our Rainbow film made in collaboration with Laik, the teaser for Laik's new music video for Rosedrops, and an intimate Q&A with Laik to tell us all about where the magic starts with her music. 

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Thank you Laik! We can't wait to learn more about you! 




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Please introduce yourself briefly and let our followers know about your music.

Hi! My name is Laik, aka Hannah Macklin. I am a singer, musician and artist. Laik is my new solo venture, though I still work with a live band and collaborate with musicians to bring my songs to life. I often find it hard to pinpoint which genre I fit into… though I think my bio reads “eclectic soul artist”, so let’s go with that!


(Laik playing with Sky Voltage at the Clarence Jazz Festival in Tasmania)


Talk us through the journey that has led you to become a solo artist? 

I knew I wanted to pursue a career in music and performance from a young age (though back then I was convinced I was going to be on Broadway). After high school I studied a jazz degree at the QLD Conservatorium of Music which really expanded my taste and also sharpened my interest in improvisation and working intuitively with other musicians.  I spent a good few years singing mostly jazz standards and gigging in clubs and bars, though I continued to write my own original tunes on the side.

With my discovery of electronic beat-making and using computer software such as GarageBand to make music came the birth of a new project, MKO (and later MKO Sun). I spent about five years working closely on this project with my mates Steele and Myka. We released several EPs, I made some crazy videos, we toured nationally and to the US and played some great festivals.

Piano/keys is my main instrument; I started playing piano when I was four years old. A few years ago, just after relocating to Melbourne, I decided to try my luck at bass guitar. For me, the most enjoyable way to learn to play bass was to start writing songs on it and form a band to help me out - this project was called Bastard Amber and was some of the most fun I’ve had making and performing music to date. There are a bunch of unreleased recordings of this band out there somewhere… I am sure they will surface at some point!

Whilst in Melbourne, I bought a vintage Yamaha organ which stirred some new approaches to songwriting and really lent itself to some material I’d already been writing. The sound of this organ combined with string arrangements forms the basis of the songs you’ll hear on the upcoming Laik record.

For me, Laik gives me the freedom to make music however I please. In the past I have experimented with different projects but have found myself becoming locked into a particular sound. Laik is an open channel for my musical and artistic ventures.

What inspires your unique approach to music? 

That’s a tricky one! I’m not really sure. I don’t really think about it. I enjoy making music that feels good to play and sing and that sounds fresh and perhaps challenges the ear a little. I’m quite an open-minded person and find so many things in life interesting. There’s so much to consider… I let the influences pour in and I guess they pour out, too. 


Film Credits: Photographer: Rhys Newling

Videographer: Jose Pincheira D'Amato

Design/ Background/ Print: Danny Cardozo aka A.Kid


What inspired you to write Rosedrops and can you tell us about the concept and process behind filming your music video?

Rosedrops was definitely inspired by the beautiful rose gardens of Melbourne. I had rose imagery in my head. The meaning of the song, however, is an ode to feminine sexuality. I was in a same-sex relationship at the time - it was also around the time that there were several cases of attacks on women around Melbourne. It angered me deeply and also caused me to think about the intricacies of the female sex. Coupling the song lyrics with the visuals, I wanted to capture the strong and sacred feminine form; the beauty and wonder of the female sex - a potent floral drop; and how this divinity should never, EVER be taken against will. The song declares “a flower is a gift - you must be given it - chosen by the mother to cop”. 

You are a big lover of fashion! We love your style! What inspires that way you dress, both in your everyday life and on stage?

Thank you! Yes, I do love fashion very much! I enjoy experimenting with styling to see how different combinations of pieces can create different vibes. Sometimes I come at it from more of an art standpoint than a fashion one - it can be about creating a picture on the body. Sometimes it’s more about combining different pieces from different places (time periods, countries, natural environments) to form something indescribable. Something I enjoy mutually within music and fashion - and strive for in both - is when they reach beyond the known universe and extend into unexplored territory. That’s super exciting to me.

Laik Style

(A typically stylish portrait from Laik's Instagram page... follow her at @laikwaves) 

Covid-19  has been a challenging time for artists and musicians- how have you been finding joy while we’ve been staying at home? And how can people support artists at the moment?  

It sure has and will continue to be for quite some time, it would seem. I have been trying to focus on writing new material and planning a new live show to debut as soon as we’re allowed back into venues! The best way to support artists at the moment is to buy their music from Bandcamp, especially on the days when Bandcamp waives its revenue share and offers 100% of funds to the artists - they’ve done this twice now and will hopefully keep it up.


For me specifically, I have begun offering singing lessons as a way to keep the income flowing. I prefer to teach in person (I’m now based in Brisbane), though I have given a few lessons via Zoom. If anyone reading this is interested in booking in for a lesson, please email me at: hannah.macklin@gmail.com

I will also be playing a virtual gig on July 8 for Live On Mars - www.facebook.com/liveonmarspage.


 (Laik passing the time in isolation with some killer dance moves)

What do you love most about your work as a musician?

The freedom of expression; the likeminded souls I get to work and create with <3



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