Meet our lady love drop. The rose among the mayhem our Rosewater range embraces the delicate beauty that flourishes in between the wild rush of Indian colour, culture and life that is our Home Away from Home collection.

Made with love in Rajasthan using crushed cotton in a natural dye, our Rosewater styles are softly feminine with a touch of wild, embroidered Indian desert flowers.

Flowers play an integral role in Indian culture and tradition. If marigolds are little suns then roses are to India drops of pure love.

The cultivation of roses has been a major trade of the Mali caste of Rajasthan since Mughal rule in the 1600s. An opulent time when kings drank rose wine and queens wore rose oil perfume. In the 1200s a Buddhist monk discovered a way to diffuse rose petals in water which became a sacred process and ritual, with royalty and monks bathing in rose water as a way to purify before ceremonies. But the preciousness of rose and its Ayurvedic powers were already scripted in ancient Indian Sanskrit in the pages of the Kama Sutra, written in 400BC. Today, the rose of Rajasthan is a highly sort after precious ingredient with essential oil and rose water exported all over the world.

There is no secret that the heavenly scent of rose can inspire romantic dreaming, pure thoughts  and self-love. That is the delicate beauty of our Rosewater range. She flows with feminine grace and embodies the calm between festivities. But be warned: this range may have spellbinding effects. Summer romance is in the air.