Shes one of a kind, worldly and totally bound with an abundance of love and heartfelt connections. Her hand-drawn brush strokes are larger than life and printed in a richly feminine stripe of ruby and rose. Wow! Meet Ruby Rose. The bodacious love child in our Home Away From Home collection.

For Dui, home-away-from-home is India and with half of her life already immersed there comes not only her wonderful extension of family and friends, but an impressive list of Indian wedding invitations. Incredibly vibrant and magical memories to last a lifetime.

Typically, an Indian bride will wear red. The colour of love and passion. An Indian wedding is a very sacred celebration by tradition and often an opulent and intoxicatingly beautiful occasion. And the fashion is far from plain, rather a well-tailored fascination of colour and style. Women are wrapped in expensive silk saris and the men in their stylish Kurta Pyjama. The pungent aroma of roses and marigolds adorn everything. The ambiance is mesmerising and the sacred union festivities can last for up to 5 days.

Ruby Rose brings the same vibrant colour and lavish romance as a traditional Indian wedding. She is striking and will be another fave to add to the summer wardrobe.

In similar fashion that Dui has found a beautiful way to merge her two cultural homes of the heart between Australia and India, Ruby Rose binds together the deepest love and endless joy shared with loved ones. Love is loveauthentic at heart and harmonious in union. Big love always.