Sophia sitting on window ledge wearing a matching block print jacket and flare pant set.
The first release of our Winter 2021 Kindness collection is here, Urban Nomads. The bright lights of the city herald adventures to be had, dreams to be chased, and hidden treasures to be discovered. The city hums with possibility and the maze of colourful streets and basement bars become a meeting place for urban nomads, uptown misfits and downtown beatniks to revel in the thrills of the concrete playground. The city is thriving, buzzing and bustling, but as strangers become neighbours in this lively metropolis, the heart of the city beats to one essential drum … Kindness.
With this collection we celebrate the diversity of our communities and the acts of kindness that bring us all together.
Big Love Big Life
Boom HQ x
Sophia standing on a staircase wearing a matching block print crop top and long skirt
Thank you to everyone who helped this vision become reality!

Videographer: Luka Raubenheimer @luka.r_films

Models: Sophia Laryea @sophiaoboshi & Sir @sir_meow

Hair & Make up: Erin Bigg @erinbigg

Stylist: Boom Shankar Team

Photographer: Amelia Shaw @ebbnflowstudio