As the cooler days start to creep up, so does the need for warm, comfy clothes and layering. At Boom Shankar we have got you covered, with a range of cosy knits, organic cotton layering pieces and heavier cotton wovens to get you through the upcoming season. Our wonderful style guru Alli gives you the low-down on the hottest pieces from our recently opened store in Hastings Street, Noosa. 

Lindsey Jacket and lulu Dress

SHOP the Lulu Dress in Cinnabar

SHOP the Lindsey Jacket in Puzzle


Everley Dress

SHOP the Everley in Black

SHOP the Scarf in Moss


Salt Boom Skivvy and Queenie Pant in Pepper

SHOP the Boom Skivvy in Salt

SHOP the Queenie Pant in Pepper

Memento Cardigan, Bowie Shirt, Lindsey Pants

SHOP the Memento Cardigan in Black

SHOP the Bowie Shirt in Black Spot

SHOP the Lindsey Pant in Puzzle

Memento Dress in Pepper and Boom Skivvy in Cinnibar

SHOP the Memento Dress in Pepper

SHOP the Boom Skivvy in Cinnabar

Lindsey Top and poppy Pant

SHOP the Lindsey Top in Puzzle

SHOP the Poppy Pant in Cinnabar