If you own some Boom Shankar, there’s a good chance you’ve got some beautiful traditional block print hanging in your wardrobe - maybe without realising! It features on some of our classic pieces from Gurus and Jadas, to Kismet pants and the Sitar dress. So what is block printing, and why do we love it so much? 

Wooden block printing is a traditional form of fabric design that has become a staple of our collections over time. It begins with wooden blocks, about 2 or 3 inches thick, that are hand carved by a skilled craftsmen. The fabric is then marked up, and the blocks are used to stamp the pattern onto the fabric. If the pattern contains more than one colour the process is repeated for each colour, with time for the fabric to dry in between. Because the work is all done by hand, it can be quite the process! But it produces stunning results which give every single Boom piece a unique feel.

Check out some classics, and some new favourites, to see why we adore this fabric style so!

Classic Boom block prints we love…


There is nothing more classically BOOM than our Gurus and Jadas! These beautiful cotton block print pieces are so fun and versatile, and look great on absolutely everyone! Grab your favourite tee and wear them to the beach, or the shops, out for lunch, or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 



Ah Daisy. The classic summer dress that’ll never go out of style. These gorgeous floral dresses will keep you cool, calm, and collected all summer long! The classic grab-and-go style, all you need is your favourite sandals and your sunnies and you’re ready to tackle the day. Want to dress her up a bit? Put on some wedge heels, and a funky necklace, and brunch with the girls is on! 



Seen here in the gorgeous Banana Flower print, the Nisha top is a standout summer piece. One of many beautiful block print tops, Nisha redefines the meaning of versatility. You can pair her with Guru pants in a matching pattern, with Kismet pants for pattern-mixing fun, or with your favourite shorts for a relaxed yet put together look. Nisha’s cropped design and ruffle detail make it the perfect top to go with any and all of your favourite pants, shorts, and skirts.



We can’t stop wearing our Kismet pants this summer, and it’s pretty easy to see why. These block print pants tick boxes you didn’t even know you had! Dressy yet relaxed, you can find Kismet on a lunch date, a summer picnic, or a night on the town. They pair so perfectly with our tops, particularly our range of long sleeved shirts, or of course the Nisha top. The possibilities are endless, and we’re so in love. 


We've also introduced some new kids on the block…


Dressing for comfort doesn’t have to be boring! It may be new, but we can’t help but think the Coco singlet will be a Boom staple soon enough. The cute shoulder ties give a fun twist to the classic singlet, breathing brand new life into this classic summer style. Pairs with Guru pants? Check. Goes with your favourite pair of shorts? Of course. The possibilities are endless with a singlet this good. 



Sometimes you just need a comfy top, we get it. But make comfy fun again with the Alora top. These fun, unique block print designs are breathing new life into a classic design. Loose and breezy, you won’t have to worry about staying cool on those beach days, lazy picnics, or Saturday arvos with a book and a cocktail. The Alora top is seen here paired with the Kala shorts, Kismet pants, and one of our beautiful block print Guru styles, for some style inspiration. 



We have never met a wide-legged pant we didn’t love. Is there anything more perfect for Summer? Not only do they look amazing on literally everyone, they are so much fun. Here we’ve got the Nusa pants in Taro and Solomon, and as you can see each has tops in the matching print. Who doesn’t love a good matching look! Equally as good as a matching set is a statement pant, and Nusa will definitely tick that box. Pair it with your favourite understated singlet to stay cool and really pop this summer. 



The feeling when you finally find the perfect summer dress is unmatched. And that’s what you’ll get with the Osanna dress. This block print dress is comfortable, elegant, and super flattering. Light, airy and relaxed, Osanna can go anywhere from Sunday in the city to afternoon drinks, or an evening stroll on the beach. Seen here in the gorgeous Heliconia print, it really is one of a kind. Not only does each piece feature unique block printing, it also looks different depending on the light you’re in. How’s that for an adaptable outfit? 


Well, Boom Babes, there you have it! Your crash course in block print, and our favourite pieces. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have! These pieces, and their meaning, are very close to all our hearts here at Boom Shankar, and we hope you love them as much as we do. And we hope you’ll be keeping your eye out for more block print in the future!

Big love xx 

P.S. If you'd like to learn a little more about block printing, or see it in action, watch the video below from 'Incredible India'