We're living in the seventies! Introducing our Vintej Floral Print.

Take a trip with us down memory lane as we launch our Vintej summer collection. Inspired by 1970s wallpaper, our Boom designers have created a rayon fabric of gorgeous vintage florals in beautiful earthy orange and brown tones, that will transport you into the world of sunken lounge rooms, fabulous kitsch wallpapers, and dry martinis… shaken, not stirred.

The 1970s were characterised by the Flower Power era, which originally began in America in the late 1960s. This “hippie” counterculture grew to include hundreds of thousands of young Americans across the country, in rejection of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. But even when the hippie movement was slowly coming to an end in the US, across Europe and around the world, the sense of rebellion amongst young people continued. It was a counterculture that rejected current political and sociological views, and their distinctive brand of “hippie” rebellion - long hair and beards, colourful style, and eco-conscious lifestyle—would leave a lasting impact on the world in the decades to come.

Being the Flower Power era, floral patterns made a huge presence in clothing and also wallpaper designs. They remained colourful, whilst patterns became large-scale, often geometric, and daring. Rich and earthy colours like orange, green and brown are the ones symbolic of the 1970s, and hence the tones were chosen for our Vintej collection which is available for pre-order now!

There is without a doubt orange is the cult colour for the Flower Power era and 1970s design. Orange symbolises energy, power, activity, and it stimulates the body and mind. The colour is associated with comfort and warmth, and it dispels negativity and signals a departure from the mundane. The brighter, the better, but lighter and darker nuances were also popular options in the 1970s.

Green is the colour of hope therefore it characterises the hippie era with all its aspirations, yearnings and fears. The colour stands for nature and spirituality, and the awareness of one's inner self and the subconscious. The 1970s also saw the beginnings of the environmental protection movement, and many "green" parties and organisations were founded during those years.

Brown is often seen as solid, much like the earth, and it's a colour often associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety. Its earthy hues establish a connection to nature and create an energy of warmth and cosiness. Mahogany and teak were the fashionable types of wood used in furniture in the 1970s, and these colours are reflected in fashion and wallpaper designs of the time.

So, let’s take a step inside our new Vintej collection…

First off is my favourite, the gorgeous Vintej Dress. This garment is made from a beautiful soft rayon with a sexy deep V neckline and flowing skirt. This dress is elegant and summery, so will see you through any occasion, whether it be a wedding, ladies long lunch, or casual picnic with friends, as you can style it with strappy tan sandals, little ankle boots, sneakers, or whatever your heart desires. There’s a concealed hook and eye on the neckline which means you can adjust the depth to suit your look. Most of all, the softness of the rayon and the glorious retro-inspired print, make this dress a winner for summer, and for many summers to come.

Our new Vintej Skirt is a lovely gored styled skirt featuring subtle panelling to form a gentle A-line shape, and a matching fabric belt to complete the look. You can style this skirt with simple feminine tops, the matching Vintej Singlet, or shake it up with a little mix and match style. From the office to the cafe, you'll never be out of place in the Vintej Skirt.

The wide-leg Haathee Pants may just become your new summer staple. These beautiful soft flowing pants are perfect for keeping cool and will add some fun to your wardrobe whether you're at the beach, out with friends, or just relaxing at home. With those lovely soft earthy vintage tones, you could style these pants with a selection of different tops, making them versatile for all sorts of occasions. The Haathee Pants are a full-length, wide-leg with a shirred pack panel on the waistband and best of all… they have pockets!!

And lastly, the Vintej Singlet. Keep cool all summer with this lightweight and flowy singlet which features sweet little shell button detail down the front. Pair the Vintage Singlet with denim shorts for a casual look or play matchy-matchy with either the Vintej Skirt or Vintej Pants. You’ll get endless wear out of this simple, sweet, soft rayon singlet, in our glorious retro-inspired Vintej print.