Georgie & Portia pick their fave lockdown looks!

As lockdown strikes again in South East Queensland, Georgie & Portia have taken this time at home to show off some of the Boom looks that live in their wardrobes.

Portia has clearly embraced the working from home vibes with her selection of the Atlantic Dress in Sage Block, while Georgie is still dreaming of a life outside in the sun with her picks of the East Top and Grand Skirt - both in the Queens print.


Portia : Atlantic Dress in Sage Block

For Portia, the Atlantic Dress in Sage Block is her go-to look for a working day in lockdown (and out of lockdown too, let’s be real, she can’t get enough!). It’s one she finds herself constantly reaching for in her closet, and nothing says obsessed like how many wears she’s got out of this baby.

So, what’s so great about the Atlantic Dress? Here’s why Portia loves it.

1. IT’S COMMMMFFFYYYY. Is there anything better than a super comfy dress that you can just throw on in the morning and know you will look great? That’s what’s happening here for Portia. The Atlantic Dress is made from 100% cotton in a nice thick weave which gives it a luxe feel and adds a bit of extra warmth for winter wear. The loose fit and straight-up-and-down shape means this dress is flattering for lots of different body shapes as well as being insanely comfortable.

2.The colours! The sage green of the body of the dress and the pale pink of the sleeves are some of Portia’s favourites. The contrast between the two when you put them together is just delightful.

Portia wears a size 10 in this style. What Portia's full talk through below:


Georgie: East Top and Grand Skirt in Queens

Georgie is dreaming of warm days spent outside in the East Top and Grand Skirt, both in the Queens print. Georgie picked these two styles as her go-to look for a fancy picnic with her partner or a music festival with friends (we can dream that we’ll be able to do these things again soon, right?!).

Georgie loves the East Top for its playfulness. The cropped style combined with balloon sleeves and statement frill on the neckline gives off some seriously funky vibes. A bit of salsa dancing anyone?

Throw in the Grand Skirt and you’ve got a match made in heaven! Not to mention that this skirt is full of surprises in itself, as it features a nifty reversible belt that you can wear with the matching Queens fabric as Georgie does here, or mix things up with the black and white spot on the other side!

Georgie wears a size 10 in the East Top and 10 in the Grand Skirt.