Boom Shankar x Langdon Ltd, it’s a match made in heaven!

We have teamed up with Langdon Ltd to create a selection of maximalist homewares for the playful at heart. Each item is designed to delight, packed full of joy, and meticulously made with lots of heart, soul and biiiiiiiig, big love.

In bed with Dui & Delia

This quirky collection is the lovechild of two designers passionate about the magic created when working with our dedicated and unbelievably talented artisans in India. In a meeting of the hearts, Dui and Delia came together with the vision of creating a one-of-a-kind collection inspired by India – the place they both love so much – and with the help of the skilled craftspeople who make the magic happen.


In an authentic imagining of our two brands, the bright and colourful cotton block prints of Boom Shankar collide with the heartfelt artisanship and classic styling present in each and every Langdon Ltd piece.

Girl in a jacket

kids bedroom

Meet the Boom Shankar x Langdon Ltd collection!

The Boom Shankar x Langdon Ltd collab features floral block print single and queen bedding in all the colours of the rainbow, quirky cushions, bright and playful bathmats, all topped off by a show-stopping striped throw blanket.