(It’s finally knit weather!! Can you feel it? )

The better you care for your jumpers and cardigans, the longer you’ll be able to snuggle with them.

1. Wash your knits every 3-5 wears.

Our knits can withstand a little more wear than your more delicate pieces, especially because they are often layered over tops and dresses.

Cotton knits should be washed after three or four wears, while wool and wool blends can make it for five or more wears before washing.

2. Make sure to follow the care label.

All of our knitted garments should be hand washed. Wool and wool blends should always be hand washed with mild detergent. Always dry flat away from direct sunlight and never hang.

Do not tumble dry, do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean.

3. Allow your knits to air dry.

The trick to drying your knits quickly without throwing them in the dryer? Roll your sweater up in a towel like a sushi roll to ring out as much water as possible (never squeeze) and then lay it flat.
Wet wool can take a little longer to dry than cotton, so make sure you leave enough time before you want to wear it again. Then lay flat to dry.

4. Fold your knits to store them.

Ideally, you should always fold your knits and not hang them. Hanging them stretches out the shoulders and creates weird shapes.

5. If you need to hang them, here’s how.

Fold the knit in half. Place the hanger hook in the armpit, and fold the waist and sleeves over the hanger.

6. Remove pilling like a pro.

Pilling is a pill of fibre on the garment. Use a disposable razor to show those little balls of fuzz who’s boss. You could also use a pilling comb.

7. Shrink up stretched cuffs

Place the misshapen cuff in a large cup of hot water. Reshape the cuff as needed. Dry with a hair dryer to help shrink back the cuff to its normal size.

Oh yes! Please do...

Store your knitwear folded to keep its shape
Follow the care instructions on garment label first
Take extra care and wash by hand in cold water
Use a wool detergent and consider earth-friendly product
Gently roll-up your washed & wet knit in a clean towel to draw out water
Dry your knitwear on a clean, flat towel and gently ease into shape
Remove pilling gently by hand or with a pilling comb

Oh no! Please don’t...

Machine wash knitted garments
Wring or stretch knitted garments
Dry in direct sunlight
Wash in warm or hot water
Hang or twist knitted garments, fold instead