Sustainability Initiatives

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At Boom Shankar we are all about individuality, femininity and fun. We want to inspire you to love yourself and to worship this amazing planet we live on. Because every little bit we do, every day as individuals, makes a difference.


When we throw something in the bin, most of us don’t think about where it ends up once the garbage truck comes and takes it away. If you think about the waste you create as an individual or as a household or family you will quickly realise there are ways you can reduce how much ends up in landfill.

The team here at Boom Shankar are doing our bit to make sure our waste is disposed of the right way. We have recycle bins in our offices, showroom, kitchen, warehouse and Hastings Street boutique so that everyday we can seperate our landfill waste from our paper, hard plastic and soft plastic waste.

We use the Australia Post Recycling program at TerraCycle. We send back all our return satchels in a bulk load to TerraCycle and they up-cycle the satchels into other products like school furniture and park benches.


We’re very excited to introduce our new compostable mailing bags which made from cornstarch so all you have to do is remove the adhesive label and throw them in with your compost. It’s that simple!

How does composting work?

Composting accelerates the natural process of decomposition to convert organic waste matter into a nutrient-rich soil you can use on your garden. Composting can be the perfect solution for most garden waste and food scraps that cannot be eaten, like eggs shells and banana peels, however it should generally be our last resort when it comes to food. Ideally we avoid food waste in the first place.

Don’t have a compost bin? Read on and get yours started today




“COMPOSTING can change the world, one fruit or veggie scrap at a time.” ~ Dr Javier Leon



How to start composting….

Choose a shady spot in your garden to start your compost heap or to position your compost bin Add to your compost in layers of food scraps, garden clippings and paper Keep your compost moist, but not wet, and aerate it about once a week When your compost is dark and crumbly dig it into your garden or spread it on top as mulch.

If you’re limited with space, a Bokashi Bin is a great alternative for composting your waste. Bokashi bins work by way of a fermentation process that turns your kitchen waste into a rich soil conditioner. This composting is airtight (anaerobic), using EM (Effective Micro-Organisms), sometimes called Bokashi 'bran'.

How to use your Bokashi bin…

Simply throw your scraps into the bucket, add a sprinkling of Bokashi bran, re-seal the lid, and when the bucket is full leave it for four to six weeks with the lid sealed and then either dig the resultant Bokashi into the garden or add it to your compost heap. As the Bokashi is composting, a nutrient rich liquor is produced which can be collected using the tap on the bucket every couple of days. 


“By removing compostable things like fruit and veggie scraps from landfill, we can lower the heat generated in the soil as they break down. Subsequently, reducing C02 emmissions – instead, put them in your own little worm farm and watch the magic unfold.” ~ Dr Javier Leon