27 OCTOBER 2023

Hats off to teachers!

To say a big thank you to teachers this Teachers’ Day, we invited our wonderful Boom community to be a part of our campaign celebrating all the teachers out there, from early childhood to university, pottery to painting and everything in between.

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We are forever grateful for your hard work and passion!

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” - Albert Einstein


Meet the teachers!

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Deb is an early childhood educator who loves wearing colourful Boom prints to brighten up the children’s day.

Deb recently made the switch to early learning and has found her calling teaching pre-school and kindy kids and helping them prepare for school life.

Deb wears our Elio Wrap Skirt in Rhodes and Rose Linen Top in Surf Blue.

What do you love about being a teacher?


Even the bad bits!"

"I love building a relationship with each and every child. Seeing their personal development and seeing them making friends - I love that bit. Everything about that 4/5-year-old age group is just amazing. You can learn a lot from children and the way that they treat people."

What is the most special thing about being a teacher?

"I just jump out of bed in the morning and love going to work every day. There’s no greater feeling in the world than seeing how excited the kids are to see you each day."



Lauren is a high school chemistry and biology teacher who has been teaching for 39 years!

What do you love most about teaching?

"I love interacting with young people and feel like I'm helping them to make decisions about their future. What’s particularly great is when they come back and see you years later and they are doing wonderful things."

Lauren looks fabulous in our Mirabel Dress in Fritz print.



Jodie and Andrea are both instrumental music teachers in the state school system where they teach all ages from grades 3-12.

They are two peas in a pod, with a shared love of conducting and working with the school bands and orchestra. Andrea’s speciality is strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass), while Jodie’s is brass, woodwind and percussion.

What do you love about teaching?

"We’re really big advocates for the state system and being able to give people the opportunity who wouldn't have normally got that opportunity. 

Kids get a choice from when they are around 7-8 years old to try music and we have such an important role to play in that. Kids gravitate towards music and they love it, so we have to make that experience as positive as possible. 

Even when they’ve left school, they are still your friends, and that’s the coolest thing about it!"

Jodie looks fabulous in our stunning Sorrento set.

Andrea says:

"I love working with children and sharing a passion with them...

I think it’s really important to give kids something more than just academics and to give them a holistic education - music can do that.

Music can really reach them on an emotional level and we can train them how to deal with their emotions through music. It’s such a safe place where it's okay to make mistakes."

Andrea wears our best-selling Pari Shirt in Fritz and Hazel Linen Short in Surf Blue.

Cooroy State School Educators


Megan & Rosie teach together at Cooroy State School.

Rosie is an Art Teacher and Megan is a Grade 2 Teacher.

What do you love about teaching?

Rosie: "I just love seeing kids mixing colours and exploring, creating things and getting their hands dirty without worrying about if it’s perfect."

Megan: "I love to see the kids have their light bulb moments. It’s when they get something, especially when they were having trouble understanding previously. Most of all, I love to read books to my class. It really calms them and they are just mesmerised by the stories and characters."

What is the most special thing about what you do?

Rosie: "Just seeing the kids grow. I see them from prep up to when they leave in grade 6 and I love seeing them connect with their creativity and grow into little mini-adults."

Megan: "I love to see their personalities develop. Even in just one year, they change so much - and it’s not just what they look like - it’s the growth in what they can understand and what they can do. It’s so cute!"

Rosie rocks a print on print look, in our Elio Wrap Skirt in Rhodes and Goldie Reversible Top!



Last but not least, is our big, beautiful group of local Eumundi State School teachers and team members. Eumundi has a special place in the Boom Shankar story, as it is where the brand first started with Dui selling secondhand saris at the Eumundi Markets.

Organised by Kym, the fun and fabulous Performing Arts Teacher, this group brought all the energy and their collective passion for teaching was contagious.

It was quite the crew with Jude, Kay, Libby, Deb, Monique, Jenny, Britt, Lisa, Louise, Regan, Sam, Nicole and Emma!

Performing Arts Teacher


What do you love about teaching?

Teaching at a school would have to be the most rewarding career. As teachers,  we are constantly guiding, nurturing, challenging and inspiring the uniqueness of each student in our care.

"Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces is the most satisfying feeling. A happy student will learn and progress. Love my job, love my co-teachers and love my school!"

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