Our size chart is the best way to find your own size in Boom Shankar clothing. Using this will help secure your best fit!

We also offer specific fit information below each individual product description on our website. This helps to identify if the garment is oversized, true to size or slim-fitting. The below size chart has the general measurements for each size, which is what we refer to when "grading" the sizes of our clothing. We also recommend referring to the "How does this fit?" section on each product page to make sure you are selecting your ideal size. 

See our guide on 'how to measure yourself' below to ensure you find the perfect fit!

Sizing can differ from brand to brand. So, how do we compare?

Boom Shankar clothing tends to be a little more generous than the Australian standard. We like to keep it this way, so that our non-stretch fashion pieces fit like a glove.



Bust measurements should be take around the widest part of your bust with arms down.


This is the narrowest part of your mid-section.


Hip measurements should be taken around the widest part of your hip/seat.


1. Have a friend help you measure your body and make sure to use a measuring tape with cm's.

2. If you intend on wearing a bra and underwear, please measure your body with these undergarments on. If not, measure without.

3. Measurements should be taken while breathing out.

The diagram shows where you should take measurements. The measurements on the size chart are fixed body measurements in centimetres.


We also include garment measurements on each product page on the website. To find your correct size, please measure an existing garment of yours and compare it.
Although this is a great alternative method to finding your size, it can be a little tricky as the measurements can also differ when wearing a garment depending on the fabrication. To find your best fit, we recommend using body measurements found on our size chart.
Please note: Garment measurements will be phased out as of February 2024.

We are all about colour, fun, and happy dressing for all body shapes!