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Boom Shankar® is a passionate supporter of Australian charity Forget Me Not which works to reunite trafficked children with their families and provides support to help families become self-reliant as a means to keep families together.
When you buy your fab new Kindness Tee we will donate $5 from every sale to Forget Me Not. You can feel great in kindness knowing you are helping reunite displaced children with their families, preventing children from becoming ‘paper orphans’, and supporting the education and wellbeing of children living in poverty. Because #EveryChildMatters #ChooseJoy

Bringing Big Love.

“It’s all about being able to help people. In all senses - the charity work, the schools, the sinking boars, the orphanages but also personally too. Being able to help employees and people who work in the factories brings me great joy, it’s just so important to me and my business. It’s amazing the things you can do, it doesn’t take a lot to be able to help somebody.” - Dui.

Dui Cameron,
Boom Shankar Founder.

Thriving, vibrant and connected.

More than 80% of children held in orphanages are NOT orphans. Globally research shows that children are taken from their families, trafficked into orphanages and used to generate funds - this is a form of modern slavery.

Together we can free children from institutions and get them home, in families, where they belong.

Forget Me Not exist to prevent children and young people around the world from being displaced through investing in innovative initiatives that keep children within their families and communities.

Since September 2016 Boom Shankar has donated $26,923.90 to support the work of Forget Me Not. This has helped reunite more than 700 ‘paper orphans’ with their families. All of these children are happy at school making friends and enjoying their childhoods connected to family, community and opportunity.


Brighter futures for children.

Thousands of children in India, Nepal and Uganda have had their love of learning ignited and they are thriving in local schools, immersed in culture and surrounded by love. We also have budding lawyers, social workers, teachers, artists, tailors, hoteliers and CEOs currently studying at tertiary level and ‘care leavers’ are now employed as Change Agents strengthening understanding of orphanage trafficking in rural, remote and regional communities.

Funds have also been allocated to specific projects and emergencies, most recently feeding families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information about the amazing work of Forget Me Not, check out their website, or watch FMN co-founder Dr Kate van Doore in this episode of Foreign Correspondent and tell your friends about it!