Boom Shankar partnered with Classic Malibu to create our magnificent "log" board, which was hand-crafted by owner, Peter and his team in Noosa. Like Boom Shankar, Classic Malibu has been a household name on the Sunshine coast for over 30 years. When Peter and Janet launched the Classic Malibu label they were the only manufacturers and retailers of surfboards in the Noosa region.

Now, two and a half decades on, the name of Classic Malibu is recognised around the world as a purveyor of expertly crafted traditional and progressive longboards. With some fifty years of shaping experience under his sanding belt, founder and head shaper Peter White brings every year of that knowledge and talent into each and every board he creates, demanding the same attention to detail and high level of perfection of his staff. Watch the video below to see the board being made.

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