Jude is a local Sunny Coast legend who is an absolute ray of sunshine. We're so blessed to have had the opportunity to photograph her and her beautiful jewellery for our Mix and Match Collection. Jude was kind enough to answer some questions for us about her love for life, her family and her jewellery business, Zen Issa. We hope you love it! xx
Hey Jude, can you start off by telling our Boom community a bit about yourself?
I live in the Noosa Hinterlands with my husband and our beautiful boys. Most mornings you'll find me surfing my favourite Noosa surf breaks. 
I have found the magic of water colour painting and am now obsessed. 
Our eldest and his girlfriend are due to have a baby in Spring. I am over the moon and so very excited to be a Lola (grandmother). 


We were connected to you by our beautiful Founder and Designer Dui, how did you guys meet?

I'm sure I met Dui at Eumundi Markets. They were the days when she had a stall with all her beautiful clothing made of Sari fabrics. I used to absolutely love them and owned a few of her beautiful sequinned tops. I was in a band in those days too and played at Eumundi Markets regularly, so we became friends that way. It seems like a lifetime ago. 

 Have you been living on the Sunshine Coast long? What do you love most about the Sunny Coast?

I have been living in the Sunny Coast for 27 years now. What I love about living here is the simple lifestyle that I'm blessed to live. The special people that have become like brothers and sisters to me. l love our beautiful National Parks that we are so very lucky to enjoy. The stunning beaches we are able to play in. I am so grateful everyday to be living the life I love with my family. I totally feel we live in Paradise!

 I’ve been told you’re a big surf fan! Where are your favourite places to surf?

Surfing is definitely a big part of my life.  I love my morning surf sessions, it’s usually at Tea Tree Bay. There’s something magical about that place. You can’t help but feel energised by the power of nature that surrounds you there. 
There’s nothing like the  feeling of riding a wave. I love it and I’m totally addicted. 
Noosa point breaks are my favourite surf breaks. 

 You’re an incredibly talented jewellery designer and creator! Can you tell our community about your stunning jewellery business, Zen Issa.

When our 5 boys were aged between 2 and 12 years, we decided to get a bus. We made that our home and travelled around Australia for 8 months. During our travel we collected shells, seeds, beach glass and any other treasures we found along the way.
I had the opportunity to learn macrame from a friend we met through our journey. I was so fascinated with her work that I asked her to teach me. She was kind enough to teach me the basics and I was hooked from there. I started creating jewellery with the natural found objects we had collected. Gradually I incorporated Crystals, metal and beads to my creations. I taught myself how to weave and work with wire. I joined a couple of jewellery making classes to expand my knowledge in silver smithing.  I've worked hard to create my style and feel that people love my work for it's uniqueness and its vibe. 


 And last but not least, where can I shop your jewellery? I want it all!!

You can find me at Eumundi Markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays . I’m also on Facebook and Instagram
To me every person that takes my jewellery home, takes a little bit of love home from me. I think it's a pretty special way to spread love to the World.  💗