A reimaging of our flagship Noosaville store has created the opportunity for our artist-in-residence, Celeste Dawson, to weave her magic ... and we couldn’t be happier!

Known for her bold visual designs, Celeste has created an enormous decorative mural spanning large sections of the wall, staircase and upper balcony. Inspired by mandalas, the mural draws on the infinite beauty, wonder and inexplicable perfection of nature.

It could be as simple as the movement of the wind on the ocean or the intricate patterns you see everywhere. They are so incredibly beyond perfect and never cease to remind me, how insignificant we are in the scheme of things,’ she explains.

Celeste applies formal techniques gained while completing her degree in Fine Arts but her work evolves as it develops - unrestrained by design limitations or having to progress down restrictive path.

I never quite know how a painting is going to end up. I’ll start with some sketches and drawings but as I start to paint, often something different will emerge,’ Celeste explains. ‘It’s working in that subconscious space I find the most inspiring. All thought goes. It’s quite another dimension and process.’

The artist-in-residency project has been a perfect fit for Boom Shankar given Dui’s fascination with design and her ethos of encouraging and supporting local talent. “Working with Celeste has been fantastic. We are just loving coming into the space each day to see how her work has progressed … and we get to keep it! I just can’t believe how lucky we are,” Dui says.

If you are in Noosaville pop in and see our beautiful new work, or you can check out some progress shots of Celeste at work (as well as a portrait by our photographer) below. More updates to come.