It’s been a very eventful week at the Boom Olympics, with some outstanding performances from athletes from all corners of the world. As we drawer closer to the finale, and the judges decision of who will take home the ultimate gold medal, let’s have a look at the highlights from the past week…

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‘Float like a butterfly sting like a Brea’. That famous quote all Olympians know too well, and when they hear it, they think, pray, hope, they’ll never have to experience it. And this year the other boxing contestants thought they were in luck when rumours started circulating that Brea ‘The Stinger’ was going to withdraw from the event after a disagreement with her coach.

But unfortunately for them, she bounced back at the last minute, and no one will be able to forget the amazing display of precision by Brea ‘The Stinger’ as she rolled with the punches in the ring, and although the judges were unsure about her tactics in the 3rd round, with that controversial below the belt, they all agreed she looked fit as a fiddle.



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Then there was the battle on the court as Portia 'The Brawler' came face to face with long-time netball rival, Ajanta, 'the girl with the bad attitude'. The audience watched in awe as Portia played with pride, humility and determination, and it was no surprise to the judges when she gracefully slinked in from behind to take the ball and score the final goal, which won the team gold. This wasn't received well by the oppositions GD, as Ajanta took her bad attitude off the court. "It's just a game", her team members said, but some people are just bad losers.  



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The final highlight from this years Boom Olympics was the 100m women's butterfly when the judges were flabbergasted watching Ajanta 'The Flipper' Willert's graceful performance, as she cut the water in two with her powerful strokes. Coached by Susie O’Seall and touted as the next big thing in Australian swimming, it's no wonder she's always taking home the golds... and then having one to celebrate! XXXX

Will Ajanta be the overall winner at this years Boom Olympics? And if not her, who will be taking home the big big gold medal this year? 🏆

Stay tuned to see who the judges choose as this years Gold Boom Olympian 🥇 🏆 🥇