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Once again it’s been a week of intensity at the Boom Olympics, as the best of the best athletes continue competing for gold, and the crowd wonders, who will be this years real champion. 

This past week we’ve witnessed some outstanding performances in all track, pool, team and court events but the highlights were definitely the javelin and tennis events. Let’s recap on some of those special moments…

First, there was drama at the Boom Olympics when things got a little heated with Georgie "The Sniper" in the Javelin Event. 

Known for her deadly accuracy and killer competitive instincts, Georgie honed her significant talents in high school after her teachers suggested javelin as a productive way to channel her anger. Now, coming up to Georgie ‘The Sniper’ third olympic games, and with only two silver medals under her belt, she has high expectations that this is the year she will obtain gold.

Despite her efforts in the long distance Javelin throw earlier this week where Georgie ‘The Sniper’ came in just under the world record of 72m, the real show was when Millie ‘Bullseye’ actually became the target for her throw. As they say, no one ever wants to get ‘The Sniper’ upset.

Watch to see why!



Then there was that outstanding game between Claire ‘The Pocket Rocket’ and tennis champion, Portia, where at the beginning it appeared to be a friendly match with handshakes and good vibes, but as those serves progressed, the tension did too.

Claire ‘The Pocket Rocket’ standing at only 156cm, may be small but she sure is speedy. The little pocket rocket known to hit a tennis serve at over 255km/h and outpace Serena Williams on the court, made Portia run for her life in order to win the gold. Unfortunately for Portia, Claire ‘The Pocket Rocket’ won the match with flying colours. And unfortunately for Millie 'Bullseye', once again, she became a bullseye.

If you happened to miss the match live earlier in the week... watch below!



Stay tuned and keep watching as the Boom Olympians take to the field, pool, court and ring...

Who will be the champion and take home the gold medal?