Have you noticed the imagery of our new summer pieces, and the beautiful locations in Jaipur, Dui’s beloved second home?

It was such a thrill to work with Indian photographer, Amit Sihag, for this collection, and to be able to feel all those senses through his photos, of the place that was Dui’s inspiration behind this collection.

I caught up with Amit to find out what inspires him…

My passion is people, both abstract and documentary, which today play out in my fashion photography.
- Amit Sihag

Firstly, could you please tell the Boom Community a little about yourself?

Hello my name is Amit. I was born into an agricultural family, in a Punjab village. I first started studying as an engineer but then went on to study photography, at the SIR J.J School of Applied Art in Mumbai. For a few years I worked in Mumbai as a photographer, before I came to Jaipur. Ten years have passed since I finished my studies, and it’s been like a ‘blink of an eye’ that I’ve been living my dream career since.

What inspired you to get into photography?

I loved taking pictures from my childhood. I was gifted my first camera at the age of ten, when I started off by clicking pictures of cows and buffaloes at the farm.  

I was very bright academically, so with it came the pressure of being an engineer. I was met with a life threatening accident and was in hospital for 4 months. This made me think about life being so fragile and how important it is to follow your dreams. So after I finished my engineering (as my parents desired), I moved on to follow my dream.

Are there any famous Indian photographers that inspire you?

I get inspired by all different art forms and a lot of photographers doing good work. Raghu Rai, Dayanita Singh, Prabhuda das Gupta are some of the Indian photographers that inspire me though.

Is there a style of photography you prefer? Be it fashion, landscape, abstract, people etc.

My passion is people, both abstract and documentary, which today play out in my fashion photography.

You live in Jaipur, Rajasthan, how would you describe it to someone who has never been there?

Jaipur is a very rich mix of colours, heritage, architecture and amazing hospitality. There is art in every street, which warms your soul.

India is very rich in culture and the arts; dance, craftsmanship, cooking, music and of course, Bollywood. Is there anything you love most about Indian culture?

There is a saying here in India " 4 kose par badle paani, 4 kose par bani" it means, the water in India changes its taste after every 4 kms and so does the language. This diversity is my favourite thing.

Are there any famous creatives from India you think the world should know more about?

The folk songs that are not written and are sung generations after generations and they are the dying art due to over modernisation.

What’s your favourite Bollywood film?


Do you have a favourite Indian (food) dish you think we should all try?

Kheer ( Rice Pudding )

What’s your favourite Indian band (music)?

Kabir Cafe

If the world could adopt one aspect of Indian culture, what would it be and why?

Acceptance and co existence of different cultures.

What does it meant to you to live a big, beautiful life?

For me it’s good work, family, travel, evening with friends, more kind hearts and peace in the world.

Interview by Ajanta Willert

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