India is calling.

Our Summer 22 collection is almost here!

Read about Dui's inspiration behind our fun and colourful designs.


Our Summer 22 collection is here!

Read about Dui's inspiration behind our fun and colourful designs.

India is a magical place where anything is possible. It's where Dui is most at home, and where she has lived on and off for the past 27 years. Our vibrant summer collection is inspired by India.

India captivates your mind, body, heart and soul and in this collection we celebrate all the colour, joy and wisdom that is India. Welcome to our Summer Collection. Namaste.

We are so excited to be launching our summer collection very, very soon. Before the full collection arrives, we wanted to bring you a taste of what is to come, as well as insight into what has inspired our designs.

In this collection, you can expect to see playful new styles, traditional block prints, hand embroidered details, stonewashed cotton and, of course, lots of colour! Wooden block printing is such a big part of Boom Shankar, as we have long worked with our Indian artisans in Rajasthan to bring our clothes to life.

When designing the collection, Dui was living at her home in Pushkar, and inspired by the vibrancy of the streets and rich history of her surroundings.

The new collection is a lot of fun. I was inspired to create it during the last time I was in India, which is now quite a while ago. This is the longest time in 27 years that I haven’t been living in our home in India, as I’ve been back in Australia for a year and a half. This collection started way back then, in lockdown, in India.

It’s been wonderful photographing this collection and you’ll see why when you start to see our campaign imagery as it comes out. We’ve collaborated with some incredible artists in India - amazing photographers and brilliant stylists. It’s been a new and very interesting experience organising it all from afar, but we have absolutely loved what everyone has put together. We can’t wait to see it all unfold. We’re very grateful for all of our partnerships in India."

- Dui

Wooden Block Printing is key to the Boom Shankar label, and is a traditional form of fabric design and known to be one of the earliest methods used to transfer prints onto fabrics.

“It is a slow method due to the ‘by hand’ process. A simple yet effective method which is capable of achieving a beautiful, artistic effect, formed by tiny blocks of wood that are hand carved by craftsman. These results are unobtainable by any other modern method, and it is amazing to experience and watch this unfold,” Dui says.

By showcasing Indian textiles, shooting on location in Jaipur and working with Indian photographers, models and stylists we hope to embody the inspiration behind our collection and stay true to what it is all about - incredible India.

Our summer collection will be released in early September 2021, with fresh new styles arriving every few weeks. You can shop the collection online or in our Hastings Street store in Noosa Heads.

India is calling.

Vibrant rainbow buildings line the streets greeting those who wander them with flashes of turquoise, pink, red and yellow spices waft on the breeze, bringing with them the promise of simmering chai, new friends and deep conversations of life and love. The streets vibrate with life as scooters zoom, rickshaws rattle, cows meander, and store holders sweep their stoops, colouring the pavement with bright Rangaavali designs to express their joy and welcome all who would journey there.

The vitality of the street is met with luscious embroideries in popping orange, purple and pure white, jewel toned floral block prints, and playful geometric lines.

As the collection unfolds, discover printed Hindi giving Boom Shankar to all, and vintage florals that collide with acid-bright stripes, tropical palm trees, and a dreamy spray of romantic blooms.