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One week into the Boom Olympics and the tension has been high. We’ve seen some great performance from all athletes, with more gold medals up for grabs as the event rolls on, and more rivalry between olympians than we've ever seen before.

Our favourite highlights for the week were definitely the team events and that outstanding performance by Mel 'Skippy' in the floor gymnastics events. 

So let’s recap on some of those extra special moments from the past week…

Firstly there was The Three Legged Race, where you could feel the tension and adrenaline as the 3 teams warmed up ready to compete for gold. It was unfortunate for two of the teams that “tripped up” halfway through whilst our winners breezed along with grace and style. 

Brea and Claire took out the gold with ease, proving great sportsmanship and team work is what these style of events require to win. “Slow and steady win the race”, Brea exclaimed while she thanked all those involved in the teams achievement. The silver medallists, Portia and Georgie, walked away with dignity despite their fall. Meanwhile we witnessed frustration between our bronze medallists, Mel and Ajanta, which isn’t the first time we’ve seen this pair behave in such a manor on field events. Hopefully one day they’ll realise it’s better to be a good loser than a sore loser (although we do love watching their bickering on live broadcasts) 

The other favourite event in the Team Events was the Three Person Relay, two teams competing for one gold medal. The rivalry was strong as the two teams warmed up and the spectators were in suspense for which team would be the winner, as all competing are the cream of the crop athletes. Finally after a close and tight competition, Boom Team 2 took out the gold medal. There were no sore losers this time. 



Without a doubt the most outstanding individual event we’ve witnessed in the past week at the Boom Olympics would be Mel's (aka ‘Skippy) performance in the women's floor gymnastics event. 

After months and months of vigorous training Mel was ready to show the spectators her latest routine featuring her signature, never seen before, move, ‘The Twirl’. As the audience sat in amazement watching her move effortlessly across the field/floor, you could hear the sighs and Ooo’s responding to her cartwheels, leaps, a mind blowing handstand into a roll... until finally it came, the finale everyone had been waiting for, The Twirl. 

Will Mel be the overall Boom Olympics gold medal winner? 

After what we saw this week there is a very high chance. 



Stay tuned and keep watching as the Boom Olympians take to the field, pool, court and ring...

Who will be the champion and take home the gold medal?